Love the Vale Day 2022

Love the Vale exists to shout about everything good about living, working and visiting the Vale of Glamorgan.

With the current cost-of-living crisis, its even more important for us to shine a light on the businesses, organisations, charities and individuals, that make the County such a great place.

On Wednesday 16th November, we’ll be holding our first ever Love the Vale Day on Bro Radio and handing our entire radio station over to you, our community – building on the success of the Vale’s Biggest Radio Show in 2020, which saw almost 100 local people come on air, during a day of activity. We’ll also be shouting about all of the great businesses, charities and organisations that exist in the community via #LoveTheVale on social media.

In advance of Love the Vale Day, we are inviting businesses, organisations, charities and individuals, to record a short message, to promote their work, share their challenges and what they are doing in the lead up to Christmas.

We want this to be an opportunity for the community to be honest about the current crisis, how its impacting them and how the local community can support them.

To take part, you simply need to record a message of no more than 2 minutes – sharing information about your work, challenges, offers, fundraising campaigns or anything in between. It’s completely free to take part and we’ll even let you choose a song to follow.

Template for recordings:

For each recording submitted, you’ll become a radio presenter – so we’d like everyone to start with something like:

“Hi I’m (Insert name) from (insert business/organisation) and you’re listening to Love the Vale Day on Bro Radio”

This middle bit is your opportunity to promote your business, organisation or personal cause. It’s your chance to be honest about how the current situation is impactng you, as well as what you are doing currently or in the lead up to Christmas.

Once you’ve finished end with something like;

“Thank you for listening and my song choice for Love The Vale day is (insert song name)”

Submissions are required no later than 5pm on Tuesday 15th November 2022. Submission can be sent on email to [email protected] or on WhatsApp to 01446318007.

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