Add your business to Love the Vale

We’ve now made it even easier for you to add, edit and update your listing on Love the Vale.

This quick “how-to-guide” with some easy-to-follow steps, will help you to get your business listed and looking great, in around the same amount of time it takes to drink a cup of tea. So, ready to go?

To begin, go to the top right of the Love the Vale website and click “Add listing”, where you’ll be taken to a page that’ll look something like the below.

This page is where you’ll be able to fill in all the information about your business, including location, business hours, social media links and those all important pictures.

How to create the ultimate listing

The Business Name: Simply include the name of your business, as its known by your customers.

The description: When it comes to completing your listing, your description is the most important part! Make sure you include as much information about your business, its unique selling points, product ranges and locations.

The Love the Vale search boxes are based on your description, so think about your listing from a customer’s point of view.

For example, if all of your products are handmade, then include handmadeunique or original. If you make your food fresh, then include words like fresh, local produce and homemade.

Tag line: Think of a couple of words that describe your business like “A friendly local company serving the Vale for 10 years”

Opening Hours: All listings on the site, have a function to display “open now” and opening hours, meaning that even in the middle of the night, visitors can clearly see when you’re open.

We advise all businesses to update these regularly. In future updates, we’ll also include options for bank holiday or season opening hours.

Business Location: If your business is on the high street, then your location is key. You can choose from one of multiple locations, or, if you serve the whole County, simply select “Vale of Glamorgan”.

If you have multiple locations, we suggest you create a listing for each. This will increase the chance of your business being found by visitors searching in each area.

My Business Is: With more people looking for vegan, dog and family friendly places, we’ve set up a number of tags to help visitors find what’s right for them. Select each which applies to your business.

Contact information: We advise all businesses to include as much contact information as possible, so potential customers can contact you about what you have to offer – however you don’t have to do so. Simply fill in the information, for us to verify your business and click “hide contact owner form”

We don’t expect you to update your listing every day, that’s why social media is key. Include each of your social media profiles so potential customers can find you on their preferred platform.

Map: Love the Vale is all about promoting what’s available in locations across the Vale of Glamorgan, its not just for residents, but for visitors too.

If you don’t have a location on the high street, simply put your town or village.

For businesses with a presence, add your full address and drag the pin as close to your location as possible.

Images: This is your opportunity to show off your business, location and products to your potential customers.

Each listing is required to provide a minimum of one image, but you can submit up to five.

The first image you upload should be a logo, the outside or inside of your shop – as this will be displayed on each search results.

The other images will appear on your listing and can show off your products, services or location.

Featured image, allows you to select one image as the “cover photo” for your listing. We recommend this is around 1920 x 430 px.

Promotional Opportunities: Love the Vale is a free service provided by Bro Radio, the local radio station for the Vale of Glamorgan.

As we grow the site, we are looking at more and more ways to promote local businesses – both free and paid.

By clicking yes, we’ll contact you for interview opportunities, news stories, chances to write a blog and exclusive advertising opportunities via Bro Radio and Love the Vale.

Finally, provide your email address, agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, to save and preview your listing.

Once you’re happy, click submit and the Love the Vale admin team will approve your listing within 5 working days.

As part of the approval process, you’ll be sent a username and temporary password to access your listing dashboard and an email to confirm when your listing is live.

If you have any problems submitting your listing or have any questions, then please email our admin team on [email protected].

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